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A simple service for producing digital media content for every platform. For a low and affordable price.

Our mission is to offer services that will facilitate the social media presence of every small business eager to grow!

Our Vision is to Help your Business stand out in the sea of messages on social networks and get the most value of good and easy social media content creation.

We don’t use high-end camera equipment we use mostly our talent, skills and creativity and enough equipment to create the perfect video and photos for your business, that’s how we can afford to have cheaper and affordable prices!

Our Story !

"Tweb" is an innovative media production company producing valuable social media content for your business. Our specialty is creating short-form engaging videos and creative product photos that you can use to skyrocket your everyday marketing or special marketing campaigns. In the past 3 years "Tweb" was operating only in Macedonia where we achieved to produce a number of videos and photos and helped small businesses achieve their marketing goals. From 2020 we start to operate in London and enthusiastically come on your hand.

Our Small Team !

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
– Henry Ford

Josif Trajkoski

Photo Editor

Goce Trajkoski

instagram for WEB

Ivan Pajmakoski

Video Editor
ajvan copy