Basic Video Plan

This plan is perfect for  small business who wants to tell a message about their new offer. Here we offer you a Cinematic video that is perfect for Instagram or Facebook also it is really good to grab the attention of your website visitors with animated text overlays. You will also get 10 photos of your product, service or shop which you can use on social media for engaging your followers. All media will come in 3 different resolutions Square Video (1:1), Full HD Video (16:9) and a Vertical format Videeo (9:16)-(*changes to the video applies), so you can use the video and photos on every social platform with the optimal resolution size.

Basically, this plan includes a simple video around 2 minutes long with a simple text animations, one camera operator and a Half-Day rate = maximum 4 hours. 

With this plan you can expect to produce a talking-head video, a simple interview video, a testimonial video, an FAQ or Q&A video, showcase your workspace (walkthrough video), your product or service. Keep in mind that with this plan you only get one video followed by maximum of 10 photos.



We start by getting to know you and discovering your vision and goals.

Nothing moves forward without establishing whether the video is a good fit for where you want your business to go!



After strategising a video project, we’re with you through every step of production to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience!


All of our video production projects are delivered to our clients in Full HD Video ready to be uploaded to your personal or company website.

With the Basic Package, the delivery time may vary up to 3 weeks


We can also provide Social Media ad campaign using the videos that we provide as a Sponsored Content adapting for every platform to achieve the most effective and optimal results for your business using your video.


Get Started Today and let us produce something amazing for you!