Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos are professionally produced videos that introduce a company and what it does. These videos begin by telling the story of a company, including how it got started and its mission, vision, and goals

They then go into greater detail, informing viewers about their products and services.
TwebMedia creative teams have all the knowledge and skills to get all the work done.

  • Business event summaries
  • New Products and Service demos
  • Activity or event summaries
  • Activity or event summaries

They are very professional and speak in a specialized language that those in the industry will understand but still simplify it to ensure everyone else gets it. They could be an introduction or an explanation video for a specific aspect of their business

In fact, corporate video has the power to really turn things around for your company by increasing leads and conversions, making people to come work for you, and educate employees on things such as safety, training procedures, and even the state of the company.

The creation of the corporate video might also be developed and used for financial result presentation to the various stakeholders or even demonstrate an invention or strategy in an organization setup.

You should be planning the distribution of your corporate video on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Encouraging others to like and share your video in that way the video will reach wider audiences helping your corporate video become much more effective, but also your website is a great place for your corporate video.

Our Recent Work

Things we use to create business videos

Before we get started on the corporate video, we need to gather a couple of things for the best production. These three things are;

  • Equipment
  • Creative team
  • Permissions
With the above, we sit down with your company’s team and formulate a plan to develop the flow of events for the video. This is to minimize wastage of time and resources.

The pieces of equipment we use are the best in the market and for the job. We ensure that the camera’s person knows angles and movements for smooth sailing through the video.

Still on equipment, lighting and sound are not to be forgotten. The person representing the company needs to be seen and heard. And this is why investing in a professional video production company like us is vital for quality delivery.

Last but not least, we acquire all the permissions beforehand. This includes permits to visit the factories from the facilitators if the site is featured in the corporate video. This ensures the smooth running of the whole project avoiding clashes in schedules. It also allows the camera crew to get protective clothing beforehand to prevent wasting time.
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Tips By Tweb A Corporate Video Production Company London

There is always have a systematic plan.


After setting up all the above, we always create a schedule that lists down every shooting schedule aligned to the venue, people included, and the timing.
The best times to shoot practical corporate videos, whether it is a trip through the office, factory, or any site, is to do it in the morning.
 At this time people are fresh, and the offices are not crowded. Also, it is quieter, and the scenes are cleaner since not many people have accessed the areas yet to disarrange them.

wardrobe and makeup is included.


Business videos are not Hollywood movies, but that does not mean that the people in the shot should be dressed anyhow. 

Here we ensure that everyone has on uniforms (with the company’s logo) or wear clean official clothing that fits the job. And all this clothing should be clean and ironed.


No compromise on quality

The video quality must be top-notch, with no compromise. And we have it all. If a take is not satisfactory, our creative directors do a re-take until they get it right. The end product will depend on these takes, and so if one, two, or three parts are sub-par, they will lower the quality of the final product.

The Corporate Video Production Process

Defining the message

Script writing & organization

Filming & production


Let’s Create The Corporate Videos That Can explain Your Business Needs. Reach out to us to exploit the full power of business videos.