Pro Video Plan

Our Pro Video Plan offers 3 short cinematic videos and 30 photos but here we also offer Corporate video with length depending on what’s appropriate to showcase the whole process of your services with animated text overlays for the perfect explanation of your wonderful service or product. We will also provide a cinematic short teaser which will raise interest and arouse curiosity, So you’ll end up with 5 final videos.

All media will come in 3 different resolutions in square video format (1:1) perfect for instagram, FullHD video format (16:9) ideal format for youtube, website even Facebook or LinkedIn Video and Vertical format Video (9:16) ideal for Instagram story,Facebook Story, LinkedIn or Snapchat, so you can use the videos and photos on every social platform with the optimal resolution size. Also in this Video plan we will provide you with a Video Strategy which will clarify the use of the videos during the customers journey Also we will provide you with a Video Strategy which will clarify the use of the videos during the customers journey.

This Video Plan includes total of 5 videos, where one of the videos is a short Video Teaser of 10-20sec long      in all the videos we can include text animations and other graphics if needed. 

This Video Plan is perfect for every business you can create an About Us video or a Video Business Card together with a Promo Video of your Service or Product and customer testimonial videos and also you will be able to use the video teaser on your social platforms to guide the customers towards the website where you will show your Video Business Card to inform them about your company and the Testimonial videos to showcase your credibility. Here we will we will spend up to 8 hours on set or a Full-Day rate. However, in most cases, all footage captured across the filming day would need to be captured at one location. 

In the section of Video Strategy we mean that, we will help you to:

  • Set your Video goals
  • Define your audience
  • Define the “type” of videos you want—explainer/AboutUs/interview/Testimonial/product reviews/video ads/corporate video
  • Create/curate your videos
  • Share them 
  • Monitor their success

With this plan you can expect to produce any of the videos that we offer like: Video Business Card or About Us video, Promo Video, Testimonial Video, interview video, an FAQ or Q&A video, showcase your workspace (walkthrough video), your product or service, Promo Video, video teasers and any other that you may have on your mind.

*Cost of a single video depends on the complexity and length of the project.


We start by getting to know you and discovering your vision and goals.

Nothing moves forward without establishing whether the video is a good fit for where you want your business to go!



After strategising a video project, we’re with you through every step of production to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience!


All of our video production projects are delivered to our clients in Full HD Video ready to be uploaded to your personal or company website.

With this Package, the delivery time may vary up to 3 weeks


We can also provide Social Media ad campaign using the videos that we provide as a Sponsored Content adapting for every platform to achieve the most effective and optimal results for your business using your video.


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