Product Video Production

Product videos are created to highlight a specific company’s product and what it has to offer the client.  The main goal of a product video is to attract new customers there for this kind of videos are best for the top of the funnel in the stage of Awareness.

  • Create brand awareness.
  • Increase product engagement with the public.
  • Boost sales.
  • To introduce a product to the public.
  • How to use the product.

With a catchy and creative product video, your product is more likely to be seen and memorized by your potential customers and the brand will get stronger and more recognizable. 

Product videos are promotional videos that focus only on the products and all their merits. Moreover these videos are the best choice to go with for promoting your business to new potential customers and driving awareness to your business. With creative use and choosing the right distribution channels, these can make a significant change to your business. TwebMedia is a product video production company that will help you create masterpieces that will truly bring out everything your product is and all the good it brings. 

Our Recent Work

Elements of an exceptional product video

A solution to a problem

In the launching of a product, there must be a solution the product is solving, which we consider the core of the product video. For example, suppose you are shooting a video production on a cosmetic product. In that case, you start by addressing the issue, something like dry skin, acne, or eczema conditions, then go ahead to introduce the product mentioning what it does for these specific issues.
We use this approach on every product, be it an auto product, beverage, or educational product. But if you have something else more interesting, we are more than willing to listen

A clear call-to-action (CTA)

At the end of the video, do you want people to buy your product, refer people to it, subscribe, or what? These are a few of the things we help you clearly pass on at the end.


 It acts as a guiding light that lets your viewers know precisely what you want from them. It would help if you did not leave them guessing but give them a definitive answer through the CTA.


Commercial videos are also meant to be continuous to further lure in the client by offering more value and information about the product. 
The series may include videos on how to use the product, the active ingredients included and their benefits, so on and so forth.

Information and value

After watching your video, the viewer must have answers and, even better, more information about the product. For those reasons, 

we include statistics to make the video compelling and even studies to add credibility to the solution you are offering.

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Tips we use in creating winning commercial videos

We Plan everything

Commercial videos are very intentional, meaning planning at TwebMedia is done with the utmost care.

 The venue, background, colours, music, models, wardrobe, and even props are deliberate and well-thought

We Do not compromise on quality.

Quality over quantity is the motto we go by. That said, we ensure that you get the best video production company (us) with the best equipment to give you the best quality. Picture, sound, lighting, scripts, and display are some of the things that must be top-tier. No exceptions. And guess what? We have it all!

We Have the production team give you options.

Sometimes you may need to see two things side by side to select the best. So much so, after the shooting is done, during the editing process, we have the editor deliver a couple of options of the product videos so that you can deliberate and decide on the best with your people. These videos are usually short, probably less than 2 minutes, and so having a couple to select from could be best for you.

The Product Video Production Process

Defining the message

Script writing & organization

Filming & production


You want to make sales, increase product engagement, create awareness and become a success. Well, the secret is giving the product video production your all for maximum impact. And do you know something else that will make you a winner? Getting a professional video production team to help with the product videos. TwebMedia is what you need.