Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are recordings of a client or customer of a specific company discussing their experience with the product or service.

It is typically a praise video emphasizing the benefits of their product experience. The Testimonial videos we help you create at TwebMedia are meant to do the following

  • Create brand awareness
  • Compel other people to purchase the product or hiring the service.
  • Show the practical use of the product or service

Customer testimonials are usually well-curated and jam-packed with compelling visuals that invoke a feeling of achievement and satisfaction from the client’s point of view.

We assist you in getting the most accurate data and formulate the best believable stories for your brand.

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Elements Of A Testimonial Video That We Use In The Creation Process


The first thing about videos, in general, is the visuals they present. These are what give a video emotion and realness. That said, one of the main elements of a testimonial video we employ are the visuals used. They are usually positive ones showing how happy the client is using the service or the product.

Measurable data

Numbers are the most trusted figures on the planet, and so for a video production company like us to make the most significant impact on customer testimonial videos, we include statistics.The statistics show how the product has improved lives since its usage.

Personalized stories

People appreciate realness when it comes to testimonials. And this is why we use personalized stories to help you sell the best stories. The personalization aspect adds on a feeling and emotional attachment to the company’s product making the person viewing trust the brand more. The more relatable and confirmed the story is, the more compelling the video created becomes.


A testimonial video we create is particular to the subject. For instance, if a company offers a series of cooking spices, the testimonial video concentrates on only one product. This makes it easier for the public to decipher the realness.
Indeed they might have used all, but they must have a favourite, right?

Tips For A Testimonial Video Production

We use high-quality equipment.

It would be best if you never compromised on video quality, which depends on the equipment you use. And the easiest way to ensure this is by hiring a professional video production company, like us, to provide the best equipment in the business.

We add any tool to help with the final piece.

In the editing phase of the project, our editors add any infographics and tools that may help make the video more believable. We use charts, music, and extra clips to make the footage minimal but impactful.

We Prepare beforehand

Preparation includes having a brief laid out for the client who will be featured on the video. But we never give them a script as people can easily decipher a scripted testimonial to a real one. You want a genuine smile, an honest comment, and an open feeling brought out.

Still, on preparation, we have the venues of the shoots laid out before the actual shoot and have the subjects get comfortable before the shoot. We also get the logistics right and everything else in between.

The Testimonial Video Production Process

Defining the message

Script writing & organization

Filming & production


It sure is easier said than done, but if you employ a professional video production company like us, we will make the work easy for you. So contact us today to get the best video made.