Video Business Card

You no longer need to pass around your business card to market your business, thanks to technology. With the advent of digitalization, even video business card are now available  and TwebMedia can help you curate the best video business card clips.
These cards have three objectives:

  • To inform others about what you do.
  • By Explaining why you do it.
  • To demonstrate how you do it.

Video business cards are typically under a minute long. The longest is approximately 90 seconds.y’s passion with your customer.

These are designed to create relationships, build brand awareness, save time and increase sales, also it is a deep dive into your business it shows how you’re different to your competitors and creates an engaging production that helps your business stand out in the market place.

If you want your company to go to another level, video must be a part of the marketing campaign

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Things we put on a video business we card

Your identification

This entails clearly stating your names and titles you may have. The next thing to include is the name of the company you work for or own. 
Next is your email address, physical address, phone number, and the URL of your website.

Accurate imagery of what you do

It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but images tell people what you do right off the bat even before they read the card.
This image should be industry-specific. 
For example, if you are in the horticultural industry, we use a picture or illustration of a flower.


We want anyone viewing your video business card to know where to find you if they ever wish to have a one-on-one meeting. So what a better way than to include a map on the about us video displaying your video business card.

Call to action

A call to action does make not only an impact on social media but also a video business card. So much so, we typically add clear CTA’s like call me, contact us, give us a call, follow us on social media, so on and so forth. 
This is to tell your viewer what you expect them to do; it leads them in the right direction.
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How we make your video business card stand out

We Keep it short

Keeping it short is a powerful tool that keeps the customers engaged from the moment they interact with your video. And this is why sticking to under a minute sells and makes the most impact.

We stick to authenticity.

It may be tempting to go overboard with the praise adjectives, but that might not be the best course of action. Sticking to a simple dialect lets the client know that you have them in mind rather than yourself creates a caring atmosphere.

The Corporate Video Production Process

Defining the message

Script writing & organization

Filming & production


Places we post your video business cards to make the most impact

Any video production company like us on board to help you create a video business card will tell you one thing: that the place you post or link your video business card could make or break your business.
Here are some of the best places we advise you to place them for maximum impact and exposure.
Your business website

If you have your website, then this is the first place you add your video business card. This ensures that the already qualified leads need your services; thus, the card will have better results.

Part of an email campaigns

Since the people on your email list have already qualified as leads who could become clients, attaching your video business card is also effective.
Business cards are more specific and need professional input, and that is why hiring our service as your video production company is the best decision you will ever make. Our experts only deliver golden and quality videos.